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Instead of using a flight comparison service you can check deals fromindividual airlines operating from UK airports below. These airlines allow you to book flights directly from their website. Prices and flight availability can often be found without making a booking.

Air France

Air France offers wide range of destinations from the major UK airports. They also have a 'Home Baggage Service' to make your journey easier. A unique feature of Air France is that you can enjoy french cuisine on your flight. Meals are prepared by Michelin starred chefs while wines and champagnes are chosen by some of the top sommeliers.

Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways connects you to more than 150 destinations daily. Operating from their home hub of Hamad International Airport in Doha, the State of Qatar, they are one of the fastest growing airlines. With a Five Star Airtrax rating they've also won Airline of the Year three times.

BA British Airways

Find the latest special offer on both long and short haul flights to a huge number of destinations.

Virgin Atlantic

With their World Beaters special offers and special fares and even Upper Class savings available direct from the Virgin Atlantic website.


Avro is a leading UK charter flight company offering low cost flights from 15 UK airports.

Singapore Airlines

Renowned as one of the worlds leading airlines reaching 90 cities in almost 40 countries.


Flybe are definitely an airline to check if you want to find cheap flights.

This is a small selection of airlines and you may wish to find offers from other flight operators and airlines before making a booking or reservation.


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